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あいだ(に)[aida ni] Basic Japanese Grammar

㊦ 間・あいだ(に) Phrase The space between two temporal or physical points.Meaning: During (the time when); while Key Sentences Examples私がご飯を食べている間山田さんはテレビを見ていた・いました。 Watashi ga gohan o tabeteiru aida Yamadasan wa terebi o miteimashita. While I was eating my meal, Mr....
Ageru-(2) grammar

あげる (ageru) Basic Japanese Grammar (2)

㊦ あげる (2) Auxiliary Verb (Group 2) To see あげる ageru grammar as a verb, see this article -> あげる (ageru) Basic Japanese Grammar (1)Someone gives some action as a favour to a person who is...

あげる (ageru) Basic Japanese Grammar (1)

㊦ あげる (1) Verb (Group 2) Someone gives something to a person who is not a member of the giver's in group but whose status is about equal to that of the giver.Meaning: Give Example 私は良子に花をあげた・あげました。 Watashi wa...

Jsho Japanese – English Dictionary 2.14.4 Android

Jsho is an English-Japanese dictionary that aims to be simple lightweight fast and accurate. No unnecessary splash screens and no need to download any additional files.Features: • 100% functional offline• Flexible input/search methods - Multi-radical kanji...

Learn Japanese Vocabulary – 6000 Words APK (Premium)

FunEasyLearn is the easy and fun new way to learn Japanese - whether you like listening music from other countries travelling abroad working for an international company or chatting with foreign friends. Our app...