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What is EBWin4? EBWin4 is EPWING file format viewer for Windows operating system. EPWING is common file format for digital dictionaries or denshi jisho. This file format also can be use for electronic book or denshi bukku. EPWing Consortium standardized CD-ROM/DVD-ROM dictionary format. EBWin4 is not only for Windows, there is also EPWING viewer for other operating systems like Android, Mac and iOS. EBWin4 is a freeware, you don’t have to pay anything to use this software. This software doesn’t come with EPWING dictionaries, you can search EPWING dictionaries on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.jp or Wikipedia

This software require minimum Windows XP service pack 3 and fully compatible with latest Windows 10 both 32-bit and 64-bit version. You also have to instal .NET Framework 4.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 if required. The EBWin4 for Windows is support viewing electronic dictionaries in the following format:

  • EPWING V1~V6(V4/V6圧縮形式対応)(ST規格を除く)
  • 電子ブック(EB EBG , EBXA, EBXA-C , S-EBXA , S-EBXA圧縮形式)
  • LogoVista電子辞典(*)
  • PDIC 辞書(PDIC for Win32 , PDIC/Unicode)
  • ebzip圧縮形式、4GB超HONMONに対応
  • StarDict形式(dictzip圧縮形式に対応)
  • EBWin形式独自辞書
  • MDict形式(.mdd画像に対応)

Download EBWin4 for Windows

How to Add Dictionaries

After you already have installed the EBwin4 for Windows, now it’s time to add some dictionaries, since this program does not come with preinstalled dictionary by default. In this section we will add free and open-source popular Japanese-English dictionary, EDICT2. EDICT is a Japanese-English Dictionary file. The EDICT2 file currently has about 175,000 entries, and the legacy EDICT format has nearly 200,000 entries (many of which are duplicates as all the permutations of kanji and readings generate distinct entries.). EDICT is developed by Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group Monash University.

Step 1

Get required dictionary file. EDICT dictionary in EPWING format. Download from here.

Extract the dictionary files to some folder. In this example, I extracted it to a folder named DICTIONARY.Next, go to step 2.

Step 2

After extract the dictionary files, now open your EBWin4 viewer. Then click on File > Add Dictionary.Browser folder for extracted dictionary files in previous step and locate file named CATALOG, then click Open.

Now you have successfully add dictionary. You will find new tab EDI for EDICT Japanese-English Dictionary.

How to get other Dictionary/Books

There are plenty of dictionary in EPWING format are free out there. If you want free dictionary files, you can check this LINK. To learn more about EPWING file format, check article on Wikipedia (Japanese). EBWin4 is not only viewer for electronic dictionary, it also can be used for viewing electronic book in EPWING format. For some other free EPWING books check on these links below.

Boookends – 「ウィキペディア日本語版」- Japanese Wikipedia Offline (only updated to 2014-01-07)

青空WING – EPWING version of Aozora Bunko Publications (it also comes with ruby text/furigana reading).

EPWING for the classics – 羅英辞典、希英辞典

口語訳聖書(新約1954年版、旧約1955年版) – Holy Bible in Japanese (colloquial version), include Old Testament and New Testament.

『万葉集』– Man’youshuu is a largest collection of ancient Japanese poetry/poems.

JMnedict/Enamdict – Japanese Proper Names Dictionary


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