Help Link Shortener

  1. Click on the download link (e.g. MEGA, Google Drive, etc.)
  2. You will get redirected to link shortener service.
  3. In order to get download link, you have to solve the captcha.
  4. After you had proved that you are not robot, please click red button “Get Link” to get link to the file.
  5. Now you can download the file to your computer.
  6. Thank you for keep supporting us.

Safelink Shortener

Some of download links also use safelink shortener. In this section i will show you how to skip link shortener and get the download links.

  1. Click on each download links, then you will redirected to safelink page.
  2. If you found page like this below, please disable adblock first.
  3. Disable your adblock then click on “I turned off my adblocker”
  4. Click on green button to get link.
  5. Click the download link.
  6. You may have pass the link shortener two times. In that case, follow the steps on previous section to get download link on

Does this site offer contents in English?

Yes it does. We write articles in English and also Indonesian language.

Why ads?

Almost everything in this world is not everything, except free breathing air and water. Due to the maintenance cost, domain cost, and server cost we display advertising in order to keep site alive. We need you to click some ads if you interested in some ads.

Is this site is trusted?

We not sure for that. The main author of content is not native Japanese and not native English speaker, but I try to share all of my experiences and all useful of Japanese learning material to you. Just make this site for your own additional references.

Can I be writer?

Yes you can. If you have interested to write some articles in this blog, you can register HERE and start your writing.

I have a Question or Request

Let me know if you have any questions or request by commenting on comment section below. You can also report broken download link on the comment section.