Japanese Grammar: Aida


When talking about Japanese, your are thinking about their language grammar. So, in this article, we will discuss about Japanese Grammar. Today we will discuss about aida, what it is meaning, when to use it, and how to use it in conversation or sentences.

Japanese grammar aida is used when appends to expression of time, in example “throughout the entire time.” Words expressing continuiting action and conditions follow.


When you want to make some sentences using this word (aida), you have to follow the pattern.

普通形 (Na-adj / Nの) + 間

This is example of aida usage

  1. わたしは夏の間、ずっと北海道にいました。
    When summer is come, I always stay in Hokkaido
  2. 両親が旅行をシている間、ぼくが每日食事を作りました。
    Everyday I always make meal when my parents taking a trip.
  3. 兄がゲームをしている間、弟はそばにみています。
    When my elder brother is playing game, my younger brother is watching him.
  4. 夏休みにとなりの家がにぎやかな間は、わたしも楽しい気分になる。
    When summer holiday, my neighbour is lively

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