Japanese Particles: WA


The Japanese particle は – wa
Function of the は – wa particle

In Japanese, there are so many particles used in sentences. The most easy one is wa particles. The Japanese wa particle indicate the main topic of a sentence. Like in English, it’s similar to starting a sentence with “as for”. In Japanese, the main topic of sentence is called the subject in English.

But remember, the structure of Japanese is quitely different from English. In English we know that standard structure of sentence is Subject + Predicate + Object + Adverb. But in Japanese, it is something like this:

Subject + Object + Predicate + Copula (Desu, Masu, etc)

How to use the particle は – wa

[topic of the sentence] + [は/wa] + rest of the sentence

wa particle is write using は (hiragana of ha), but you pronunciate it as wa.

Example of Japanese wa particle usage

RomajiWatashi wa gakusei desu
MeaningI am a student


RomajiAno kuruma wa akai desu
MeaningThat car is red

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