Japanese Particles: WA


The Japanese particle は – wa
Function of the は – wa particle

In Japanese, there are so many particles used in sentences. The most easy one is wa particles. The Japanese wa particle indicate the main topic of a sentence. Like in English, it’s similar to starting a sentence with “as for”. In Japanese, the main topic of sentence is called the subject in English.

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But remember, the structure of Japanese is quitely different from English. In English we know that standard structure of sentence is Subject + Predicate + Object + Adverb. But in Japanese, it is something like this:

Subject + Object + Predicate + Copula (Desu, Masu, etc)

How to use the particle は – wa

[topic of the sentence] + [は/wa] + rest of the sentence

wa particle is write using は (hiragana of ha), but you pronunciate it as wa.

Example of Japanese wa particle usage

RomajiWatashi wa gakusei desu
MeaningI am a student


RomajiAno kuruma wa akai desu
MeaningThat car is red