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JBridge to Intermediate Japanese is the next level of learning Japanese from beginner level. If you want to study higher level of Japanese, this book is good for you. This book cover entire language aspect like reading, grammar, listening, and writing. This book is written by Satoru Koyama and published by Bonjinsha. The book has eight section, which are:

1. Introducing (紹介する) / Shoukai suru
2. TAKING A TRIP (旅行する)  / Ryokou suru
3. CROSS CULTURE (異文化に触れる) / Ibunka ni fureru
4. FUTURE (未来) / Mirai
5. MYSTERY (ミステリー) / Misuterii
6. BEST PARTNER (ベスト·パートナー) / Besuto Paatonaa
7. FOOD AND HEALTH (食 と 健康) / Shoku to kenkou
8. EDUCATION (教育) / Kyouiku

This material should be used as supplementary material when you start studying intermediate level of Japanese, of if you want to take JLPT N4 or JLPT N3 exam this book is suitable for you.

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Download JBridge to Intermediate Japanese Textbook PDF with CD

JBridge to Intermediate Japanese Textbook (PDF) : Google Drive

JBridge to Intermediate Japanese Answers & Scripts : Google Drive

JBridge to Intermediate Japanese Audio CD (WMA format) : Google Drive

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