Jsho 2.14 APK – English Japanese Dictionary (No Ads!)


Jsho is an English-Japanese dictionary that aims to be simple, lightweight, fast and accurate. No unnecessary splash screens and no need to download any additional files. Features: • 100% functional offline • Flexible input/search methods – Multi-radical kanji search – Limited wildcard searching using ‘*’ (JP only and slower than normal searching) – Romaji input automatically converted to hiragana – Filter search results by noun, adjective, verb etc. • Input analysis (accuracy will be improved over time, please expect mistakes) – De-inflects conjugated words – Attempts to split sentences into individual words and perform searches on each • Detailed lexical information – Pitch accent & parts of speech info. for words – Detailed kanji information – Stroke order animation (viewable by tapping kanji on Kanji Details page) – Verb conjugation tables • Multiple display options – Toggle between kana/romaji – Select between light & dark themes • 3rd party connectivity – Send words directly to AnkiDroid – Can share words with Jsho from other apps • Bookmark search results Please note: • Extracted dictionary files require approx. 37MB of external storage space • Ads shown when online (‘Remove Ads’ is currently disabled due to some issues) • Network permission is used only for ads, this app doesn’t collect any user data whatsoever

Jsho 2.14 APK Mod: Ads completely removed, work fully offline. Download here.

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[ID] Jsho adalah kamus Jepang Inggris yang sangat mudah digunakan, sederhana, ringan dan cepat. Tidak ada splash screen yang, dan tidak perlu mengunduh data tambahan. Kamus ini memiliki data kosakata yang sangat lengkap dan tidak perlu koneksi internet untuk menggunakannya. Fitur utama:

  • 100% offline
  • Metode pencarian yang fleksibel (karakter dasar dan bagian huruf kanji. Misal *字)
  • Input pencarian dalam romaji/kana
  • Menyaring hasil pencarian berdasarkan kata benda, verba, dan adjektiva
  • Analisis input (bisa memasukkan kalimat padab kolom pencarian, kata akan dibagi secara otomatis.
  • Informasi leksikal yang sangat lengkap
  • Informasi kanji yang detail.
  • Animasi cara menulis kanji.
  • Tabel perubahan kata kerja
  • Bisa mengganti mode kana/kanji pada hasil pencarian.
  • Bisa mengganti tema aplikasi (gelap/terang)
  • Bisa mengirim kata ke AnkiDroid
  • Dapat berbagi kata ke Jsho dari aplikasi lainnya.
  • Bisa menyimpan hasil pencarian (bookmark).

File database kamus membutuhkan setidaknya 37MB ruang penyimpanan internal. Jsho 2.14 APK Mod: tidak ada iklan.

Download di sini.

MEGA | Google Drive | Mediafire Screenshot: screenshot_2017-10-20-11-08-28-837_ric683985271 Jsho 2.14 APK - English Japanese Dictionary (No Ads!)  screenshot_2017-10-20-11-15-10-402_ric380844531 Jsho 2.14 APK - English Japanese Dictionary (No Ads!)  screenshot_2017-10-20-11-15-47-113_ric1596786674 Jsho 2.14 APK - English Japanese Dictionary (No Ads!)