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Learn Japanese Complete is a collection of 8 executable files, covering nine proficiency levels, from Beginner to Advanced (collected from the website JapanesePod101.com), plus a bonus file with survival phrases:
Level 1 – Introduction
Level 2 – Absolute Beginner
Level 3 – Lower Beginner
Level 4 – Beginner
Level 5 – Upper Beginner
Level 6 – Lower Intermediate
Level 7 – Intermediate
Level 8 – Upper Intermediate
Level 9 – Advanced
Bonus – Survival Phrases


japan-daisuki-Learn-Japanese-2 japandaisuki-Learn-Japanese-3

*** Features ***

286 Complete language lessons from Beginner to Advanced. Each lesson includes:
– Lesson Description detailing the background of the lesson and the grammatical focus
– Main Audio Track (approx. 10-15 minutes). Listen to the lesson dialog and master the vocabulary and grammar point as your two expert teachers guide you through the lesson
– Line-by-Line Audio. Master listening comprehension and understanding of the dialog
– Review Track (approx. 2 minutes). Master lesson specific vocabulary and phrases
– Vocabulary List. Learn new vocabulary and pronunciation with the audio playback tool
– Expansion Sentences with audio to reinforce sentence structure and introduce new words
– Grammar Point. Detailed explanation

This software requires computer with Windows 7 or above operating system, .NET 3.5 Framework, and at least 1GB RAM. No internet required for running the software, it is fully offline.

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