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What is Marugoto? Marugoto encompasses both language and culture, features real-life communication, and allows you to experience the lifestyle and culture behind this communication. In Marugoto, using Japanese to actually communicate is the goal. The goal is not just to increase your knowledge of grammar and sentence patterns. Can-dos are set as objectives that show what you will be able to do in what situations, and you study Japanese that can be used in real-life situations. For example, at the starter’s level, for people who have just started studying Japanese, you take part in simple communication while doing things such as saying greetings, and talking about your hobbies and food you like. At the intermediate level, you practice speaking about yourself at length while doing things such as reading and listening to authentic Japanese. At whichever level, the aim is for people to understand each another while actually communicating in Japanese.

Marugoto is designed so that people can easily study at their own pace, even people who only have time to study Japanese once a week. This is particularly so at the Starter (A1) stage, where the learners’ workloads are made as light as possible, in order for them to be able to maintain their study. These learning materials are ideal for overseas learners studying Japanese as a hobby, and learners living in Japan studying Japanese for everyday life.

The audio recordings from Marugoto can all be downloaded from the website. A variety of free supplementary materials have also been made available, such as vocabulary lists and translations of the texts that feature in the learning materials. There are also resources for teachers who teach using Marugoto, such as a Teaching Guide.

Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture is a coursebook that is based on the JF Standard for Japanese Language Education.

Marugoto employs levels that correspond to the six stages of the JF Standard for Japanese Language Education (A1-C2). Marugoto (Elementary1) is A2 level.

“Katsudoo: Coursebook for Communicative Language Activities” aims to increase communicative skill and responds to the needs of learners who desire to become able to speak in Japanese with the Japanese people near them in as short a time as possible. Through topics you’ll want to present right away, audio learning materials you’ll want to hear over and over and repeat, and full-color photographs and illustrations that let you feel Japanese life and culture, it’s possible to rapidly deepen learners’ interest in Japan and Japanese language.

Marugoto A1 Starter – Katsudou – Activities (English) – PDF

Marugoto A1 Starter – Rikai PDF

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Marugoto A1 Starter Wordbook (English) – PDF

Marugoto A1 Starter – Daftar Kosakata (Indonesian) – PDF

Marugoto A2 Elementary 1 Katsudou (English)

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Marugoto A2 Elementary 1 Rikai (English)

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Marugoto B1 Intermediate – 文法解説書 Grammar (Japanese/Spain)


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