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Nameraka Nihongo Kaiwa なめらか日本語会話 – This book provides the solution for those intermediate learners who do well on tests but cannot speak well in actual settings. By listening to common conversations on the attached CD, understanding the rules of spoken Japanese and practicing speaking, readers will be able to improve their speaking skills effectively.

前書き Foreword
構成と使い方 How to use this book
学習者のみなさんへ To the students

PART 1 音の変化 Sound Change
1 てる/てく/とく
2 ちゃ/じゃ/きゃ
3 たって/だって
4 って/て
5 ん
6 変化した言葉 Words which change

PART 2 会話の形式 Conversational Style
7 助詞の省略 Omitting particles
8 短縮句 Contracted Phrases
9 決まり文句 Set expressions
10 くり返し Repetition
11 あいまい表現 Ambiguous phrases
12 語順の変化 Changes in word order

PART 3 会話の目的 Speech Functions
13 会話を進める Carrying on a conversation
14 話を切り出す Broaching different subjects
15 答える Responding
16 反応を見ながら話す Speaking while watching the listener’s reaction
17 あいづち Words of encouragement
18 確かめる Confirming
19 主張を伝える Making assertions
20 お礼を言う/あやまる Expressing appreciation/Apologizing
21 文句を言う/断る Complaining/Rejecting
22 申し出を断る Turning down an offer
23 問いかける Asking questions

会話表現索引 Index
解答 Answers


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