Nihongo Drill Giongo Gitaigo – 日本語単語ドリル ぎおん語・ぎたい語 PDF


Learn to speak natural Japanese! This book is for intermediate and advanced students (about JLPT Level 1 and 2) who want to learn some of the most essential, yet challenging, vocabulary there is.

It will teach you the important words you need to know to be able to speak and understand real spoken Japanese.

For example, in Chapter 3 you look at words of movement: aruku [walk], iku [go], susumu [advance] — and learn more subtle and descriptive ways to describe movement. For example, nororo [a way to express sluggishness in motion], yoroyoro [stumbling, unstable], burabura [to wander with no apparent aim], and tobotobo [describes a sullen, unhappy-looking walk].

Every chapter has a theme, and provides various expressions on that theme. Every chapter is very useful and you will find many opportunities to use all this language in daily life.

Japanese language have sounds for emotion, feelings, and other senses, called gitaigo 擬態語; also sounds for living things called giseigo 擬声語, and sound made by inanimate objects or non living objects like sound of a bus, sound of a wind, nature etc called giongo 擬音語. At first you may see these words a little bit strange, but they are usually found everywhere, mostly are found in comics or manga.

This book contains very clear explanation of these onomatopoeia and also in this book has many examples of onomatopoeia sound in Japanese. These words are fun to be learnt, but even you wonder will they be on the JLPT test? Yes, they actually appear on the test. At least one question in vocabulary section that covers onomatopoeia words. So prepare yourself by learning Japanese onomatopoeia is good for JLPT preparation.




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